Though mainly and mostly together in mind – With hope for ahead and at peace with behind – In essence and earnest, I have to confide: I’m still not certain I know who’s inside. But that’s what’s amazingly freeing, you see – Perhaps there just isn’t a definite “me”. And maybe i’m made up of […]

post-love letter

This isn’t going to be short, but perhaps i can keep it sweet After lots of thinking and too many bottles of wine, I think I’ve distilled what it is that I wanted out of us and what it is that triggered the breakup. At this point if you’d like to opt out of reading […]

Of heartbreak

Happy 2 month anniversary of being single again. im just so conflicted like theres this constant stream of sadness and longing and misery in my heart that im just ignoring like a child and loudly talking over it with ”self care” and watching tv and im just distracting myself from the suffering and whatever loss […]


“Mind it. Remember where you are. Remember who I am. Mind what comes out of your mouth, or you’ll regret it.” “A home is based on love and affection, not egos and dislikes. This is a home, darling, I love you.” “You will respect me. You will listen to what I say, and you’ll do […]

Ode to affection

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who liked to be sensible. Everything about her seemed like a sensible, well reasoned decision. Her little plastic ballet flats, uncomfortable enough to warrant a shoe bite for the first three weeks of wearing it, were surprisingly pragmatic in battling the fury of the small-town monsoon, which […]

the curse of existence

I wonder what it feels like to grow old. I wonder how helpless you feel when your body aches simply because you stand up. How numb you feel when you slowly lose your hearing, or eyesight, or taste, or energy. It must be sheer torture to have your mind remain sharp as a needle while […]

Intrusive thoughts, good intentions

It’s incredibly difficult to sort out the thoughts in your head, to distinguish between the terrible ones that just ‘pop’ up and the actual, negative emotions that you’re feeling. Because, let’s face it, everyone thinks terrible things to a certain extent. We’ve all had ephemeral ideas that just appear out of nowhere leaving us reeling […]


Men Loud and haughty, laughter spilling out of their bodies, leaning towards each other in anticipation for yet another untimely racist ‘joke’. Sloppily held glasses dripping neat whiskey over ugly, ill fitting shoes. Chunky, fashionably oversized glasses magnifying eyes completely bereft of kindness, pot bellies and shifting eyes, with packs of cheap cigarettes stuffed into […]